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I’ve Moved!


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Tour the Chicago Theater


Just a short walk a few blocks east of the Ogilvie Metra Station is the theater district. Our destination yesterday was The Chicago Theater.    We were going to see Straight No Chaser, so we planned ahead to do a tour of the theater earlier in the day.  The tour lasts over an hour and visitors get to really appreciate the architecture since the building is empty.  Below is just a few of the thousands of light bulbs in the front of this theater.  How many people does it take to change these light bulbs?  …sounds like a joke I’ve heard about a million times, but this would be a real job!

Below the bulbs are all lit….still can’t imagine how long it takes to change these babies.

The Chicago Theater opened in 1921 as a movie house and was the first of its kind.  It was a model for other theaters that followed.  For 40 years the theater was known for movies and live entertainment.  But from the 70’s until the mid 80’s the theater business hit a lull and the theater was eventually closed in 1985.  In 1986, the theater was purchased and saved from demolition.  (Are you starting to see a pattern here?  People love to knock things over.  It doesn’t end in childhood.  Thank goodness for the other little kids who yell …nooooo, I’m gonna tell Mom!!)  The theater was saved, refurbished and reopened in 1986 with Frank Sinatra as a headliner.

To marvel at the workmanship, is an understatement in this building. It was covered and remodeled in the 50’s with Formica and other trends at the time, but they were smart enough just to cover the details.  All of it was preserved underneath to appreciate today.

At just .25 for the ticket, this was an event, not just a movie.  Even the entrance to the men’s restrooms is elegant.  This is where the men would lounge and have a pipe or cigar with the guys.

Elegance and opulence was the intention.  The ceilings of today just don’t seem to get this much attention…

Treat yourself to this grand dame of a building.   A Christmas Story, the Musical, is here for the rest of December. Next time you are there for a concert or musical, try to take a tour ahead of time and take time to look around…there is so much to see from days gone by.

Straight No Chaser is still in town, by the way, at The Rosemont Theater tonight (Dec 4) at 7:30. Run to the phone if you want to get tickets.  Both shows were sold out yesterday.  They were OUTstanding. Or get some of their music, you will love it.

The Chicago Theater

The Rosemont Theater

Ogilvie Metra Station

Collin McLoughlin- Not Over You (Gavin Degraw Cover)


I have been a fan of this singer songwriter for about a year now. Everything this man touches turns to gold. Musically, he can do no wrong. He recently released an EP on itunes called Stark Perspective which you can buy here:

I can’t get enough of the raw acoustic feel that McLoughlin has that goes along with his great voice. Enjoy your new favorite song!

To Market, To Market…


Where to start?  Farmers Markets and French Markets have popped up in many locations in the last decade.  The city has them and the suburbs have them. Some are known for their homemade crafts, others for antiques, but the Wheaton French Market has got to be one of the best for food, a topic close to my heart.  The Wheaton Market is located right on the train tracks in downtownWheaton.  An easy walk from either the College Avenue Metra Station or the Wheaton Metra Station. From theCollege Ave location the Prairie Path provides a scenic and direct route.

It was a gorgeous day for one of the last markets of the year.  It runs through November 5th so you still have two more weekends to get there.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so enjoy the tour…

Homemade Cake Donuts

A bounty of Michigan fruit

Coffeeeeee! (samples and whole cups)

Locally Harvested Honey

Apples and Mushrooms

Homemade Chili

Caramel Apples

Freshly Baked Bread

Cinnamon Rolls and Croissants

Multicolored Vegetables




Handmade Quilts

And a wedding party!!?

Now that’s creative photography…everyone loves the Wheaton Market and you will too. Catch it while you can in the next two weeks because it won’t be back until next Spring!   Saturdays 8am – 2pm until November 5th.