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Collin McLoughlin- Not Over You (Gavin Degraw Cover)


I have been a fan of this singer songwriter for about a year now. Everything this man touches turns to gold. Musically, he can do no wrong. He recently released an EP on itunes called Stark Perspective which you can buy here:

I can’t get enough of the raw acoustic feel that McLoughlin has that goes along with his great voice. Enjoy your new favorite song!


Just Put Your Shoes On


On my train ride yesterday, this song was playing in my head.  It is a song that, Point Five,  my sister’s band covers.  See The World is from Gomez.  The video reminds me of one of my favorite things to say…Just put your shoes on.  It really applies to almost everything you choose to do or choose not to do.  Whether it’s choosing to exercise or going to a social function or fulfilling an obligation or trying a new adventure, sometimes the hardest part is just putting your shoes on.

So turn up the volume, dance around your kitchen, then go do something fabulous in the world today….just put your shoes on.

Florence and the Machine- Cosmic Love (Acoustic)


I first heard Florence sing about two years ago on kind of an underground radio station.  She blew my mind the first word I heard her sing.. She has such a powerful, fun-to-listen-to voice.  What really interested me at first was the story they told me about the artist after the song was over.  Florence Welch is an English musician from London.  She told her parents a few years ago she was moving to Hollywood, as I’m sure many young talented (and non talented) musicians and actors do… She made it and I have to say quite impressively! Nice work Florence.  Everyone else, enjoy!!

P.s. Who knew “Drake” (rapper) was this talented vocally!?