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Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it. ~Edmund Burke


When looking on Flixster for a movie to see, I decided we hit a new low for movie titles with the movie, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.  I don’t even want to put it in quotes or underline it and give it credit for being a title.  It is a mainstream movie. Big as lights up on the marquee for everyone 5 and over to read.  “Mom, what’s an …   you get my drift.  I think instead of stars for reviews they should start giving 1-5 trashcans.  1 for a little trash and 5 for unbelievable, can’t believe they can say that, can’t believe they can do that in a mainstream, wide release movie, movie.  It is kind of depressing to hear people say…”Oh my God, (Trash 101) is my favorite movie. I love that movie.”  Really?  Really?  REALLY?  your favorite movie??

SO last night we chose Sarah’s Key.  It is a real movie.  Not a movie that tries to push the squirm factor to the limit with as much raunch as possible.  It was a real movie that makes you think.  This was a real movie that makes you think that this was not that long ago.  It was a real movie that makes you ask yourself…what would I do?  This is a real movie.

A quote in  the movie that sticks with me is … (when a woman was asked why she didn’t you do anything while living in Paris when thousands of Jews were being arrested) “We were told a lot of things about the Jews.”   In other words, I believed what they were telling me and I didn’t know any better.  Do you ever believe what others say about groups of people? Prejudice and sweeping generalizations are still so prevalent.

This movie makes you sad knowing what humans are capable of doing to each other, but it also makes you comforted to know that some humans stick up for others even when it puts them in harm’s way or goes against the grain.

It will make you want to stick up for someone.

It will make you want to know more about what could be happening right now, even today.

It will make you think before you judge one more person, because you don’t walk in their shoes.

So in a world with The Hangover, or Jersey Shore, or whatever else fills the void and tells us to go out and do whatever is off the wall…find this movie.  If this movie is not near you, seek it out.  Drive to it.   It is a real movie.  It deserves stars, not trash cans.

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it. ~Edmund Burke


The Living Proof


I have always been a big fan of Mary J. Blige.  Big, I’m telling you. HUGE.  Just ask my kids, they know I call her Mary J. like I’m her friend.  She has so many great  songs and I ♥ her version of  ~One Love~ with Bono.  She has a remarkable voice, but the lyrics are amazing and couldn’t have been a better fit for the end of The Help.

If you haven’t seen the movie The Help…run, don’t walk, run…hurry up, put your shoes on now, run. Grab your keys….and your money…now run.

But if you can’t run from your house at this very minute because you are a responsible adult,  just listen.  Ahh…Mary J….. but make a plan to go see The Help.

(And sorry about the annoying ads on You Tube, just click the x on the ad and it will go away.  Feel free to stick around and listen to any of her other hits after you decide you love her voice too. Just click the You Tube tab at the bottom right of the video. )

A Trip to Paris


I love the internet.  I love that I can find any answer to any question at any time.  If I can’t find the answer, I am not asking the right question.

Although I love the internet, I am not a gamer. I don’t play any internet games at all. No Angry Birds, no Solitaire, no Farmville, but I love a good app.  (that’s Phone Applications for you non-app users) I have found there are certain apps that just make my life easier and more fun.

My first favorite app is Flixster.  Not only does it have a super cute popcorn bucket as it’s widget, but it is extremely helpful in finding movies, locations, and times.  I also really like that they use the Rotten Tomatoes reviews.  I used this all the time while Kate was at practice and I had to find something to do for 4 hours.

My second favorite app, that I didn’t need until I lived near a train, is …the Qikride app. (I like it and it doesn’t even follow the Qu rule) It lets you know exactly what time the trains are running.  It will tell you that you have “17 minutes until your train leaves!” or you can plan ahead for the next day.  I originally got this for Patrick so he would never miss the train home, but I think I like it more than he does.

Using this app, my friend Trudy, and I actually took the train from the Wheaton downtown station to the Wheaton College Avenue station once just because I was too tired to walk back from the Farmer’s Market.  Yes, it took 1 minute, but we didn’t sweat. Never mind that that particular day the train was 18 minutes late so it actually took 19 minutes to get home and we probably could have walked in less time, but that is besides the point…and we were carrying corn.

So tonight, equipped with my favorite app and my second favorite app, I ventured out.  Kate had a back to school dance so I figured I had time and Sadie needed a break from me.

I had a 3 minute train ride to Glen Ellyn.  Whew!  Are we there yet???  The Glen Art Theater was my destination.   It is an artsy theater that shows only 4 movies.  It is reeeeally old.  Here is some historical info on it if you are into that kind of stuff.

This is how far away the theater is when you get off the train.

This is how cute it is up close.

This is how the ticket booth still looks.

Due to my train schedule, I picked the most convenient movie based on time. I also picked the one I knew no one else in my family would want to see.  86% of Flixsters liked it and 92% of Critics liked it so I figured it should be worth the $7.  It was really kind of quirky, but I couldn’t help liking it.  It is about an engaged couple, who have different approaches to what they want from life.  Gil (Owen Wilson) wants to live in Paris and loves anything vintage and nostalgic. His fiance’, (Rachel McAdams) just wants to live in Malibu.  At midnight each night while on a walk, Gil is able to transport himself back to the 1920’s and meet all of the famous creative genius’s of that time.  Like I said, quirky, but beautiful and seemed like the perfect movie to watch in an old theater that also just happened to be built in the 20’s.

So I may not have gone to Paris tonight, per se, but it really was a fun little trip.  The first of many I hope to share with you.  ….. now I really, really, really want to go to Paris.